26 Agosto 2016


There’s Beauty In Everything

I think y’all know what this is. I’m not fascinated by (my) period blood, trust me, but I have at times noticed that it can form beautiful streaks when it… comes out of your “wherever” (can’t believe I’m quoting Trump…).

I don’t know why periods are still such a taboo and people are still so grossed out by period blood… Oh wait, yes I do: sexism.

But really though, as Last Week Tonight would put it: “how is [being grossed out by period blood] still a thing”? Remember that woman who posted a photo of her period-blood-stained sweatpants on Instagram only to have it blocked? But sure, guns are fine.

Some Twitter troll explained to me this morning that sexism is not actually a thing “in the West”… People like this are so far behind I can’t even be bothered to respond, but the prejudice against period blood is typically one of many many many many (you get the idea) examples of why sexism is, most definitely, still a thing.

Anyway, enjoy. Instagram post coming up soon, hoping to get censored 😀


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