September 19, 2015


Soooo… I’m not sure what happened here, but:

  1. Whenever I photoshop my images and I edit the saturation, I always push each color’s slider to the max to see where that color is, and here when I pushed the yellow I thought it was interesting so I pushed all of them together and I kinda liked the result. Made me like this picture that I initially thought was pretty bleh… I guess I must be in a Warholian mood today 😀
  2. I pass by this skatepark / basketball court fairly often but I’m always too intimidated to take photos, especially of the basket ball players, that’s why the skaters are so far away.
  3. However, being a little bit removed from the scene enabled me to get this tag that I’ve been seeing everywhere lately, in the shot. It reads “Jewish/Jew [same word in French] is a religion, not a race, Valls [French prime minister] is manipulating you”. Not only am I not sure what the deal with it is (I should follow the news more…), but it bugs my grammar dork brain ’cause every time I see it I think “Jewish is a name/adjective, is what it is! This should say judaism!”.

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