September 16, 2015


Not too long ago, I photographed a sidewalk tag at the doorstep of a café called Le Bar Bouquin (i.e. “The Book Bar”, and I also wrote a short story to go with it, if you feel like reading) which I was curious about but had never entered… Well, now that I have, I’m there as much as I can! I have a hard time working at home so I go there and enjoy the chillest atmosphere, awesome music curated by super nice bartender / DJ ALIV, and delicious food. Plus, there are a thousand used books that you can read/buy, what more could I ask for?! 🙂

PS: a couple days ago I spent hours figuring out WordPress by myself and managed to create drop-down menus on the blog, woohoo! Now my two weekly series (Strangers and Empty Children’s Squares at Night) are separated, but more importantly, I’ve managed to incorporate, separately from the post feed, photosets I’ve taken recently (a friend’s wedding and a big lesbian party ^^), I hope to add more soon!


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