May 4, 2015


Run fuel! Yesterday I had to run a 10K ’cause, well, I’m training for a 10K (Nike’s Women Race) which is in just over a month. Normally I like to run in the morning but I woke up sliiiighly hungover, and I am SO not one of these people who can run in that state and “eliminate the toxins”! So instead I made this simple dish that’s been a family classic for years, but that I don’t really make anymore, and that I had been craving for about two weeks! It’s just pasta and tuna with tomato sauce (two kinds) and a bunch of spices (I’m not gonna tell you all my secrets but let’s just say Tabasco is a KEY component :D). Totally re-energized, I was able to run 10K at almost my goal pace, and running on Sunday nights (I finished at 10pm) is actually just as fun as Sunday mornings (if not more). I didn’t necessarily intend to use this shot as my Dailimage, and the views of Paris I encountered on my run were gorgeous (beautiful sunset skies, the moon over the Seine etc.), but I just cannot run with my DSLR :/


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