May 2, 2015


Yesterday, May 1st, was a bank holiday in France, called Labour Day. And I guess the tradition is to sell/give lilies of the valley… Don’t ask me why. Anyway, some guy gave me one on the street so tadam, you get a dailimage of it 😀


3 thoughts on “May 2, 2015

  1. Hi, I saw your post in the reader.

    In France, May Day is also the Fête du Muguet when the French greet each others with a sprig or a small bouquet of lily of the valley, a flower that is considered a lucky charm. The tradition dates back to the beginning of the century.

    Unemployed people went into the woods that were still found in the big cities’ suburbs to pick lilies of the valley to sell. Unemployment benefits did not exist so people had to find ways of making ends meet.

    The lily of the valley is in full bloom in late April early May.

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