April 30, 2015


For today, I knew when I took the photo that it would be my Dailimage (normally I don’t know until 5 minutes before posting), because of what happened when I snapped it. I was walking around when I noticed these bags of… I don’t know what, in a perfect army-like alignment. As it turned out, this was in the courtyard of a museum —the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, and while I was photographing these bags, a group of people came from behind me to look at them, arguing over whether it was art (contemporary art) or just bags of dirt from the construction site nearby, haha! The men were insisting on the latter, while the only woman was adamant that it was art and they just did not understand anything. I personally have no idea whether it’s art or not (then again why would bags of dirt be aligned like that?), so the mystery remains, but I found the conversation these people were having pretty funny.


8 thoughts on “April 30, 2015

  1. Haha, that reminds me of an article I saw a little while ago! Someone visited a museum and accidentally (I think) dropped one of their gloves. The other visitors didn’t dare step on it and even took pictures and took a moment to contemplate it, JUST in case it was part of the exhibition!!

    Maybe there’s someone at the museum you went to you could ask about this? As Tiger suggested, maybe it’s part of a new exhibition’s construction.

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      1. Awesome, please let us know if you find anything out ^^ I’ll try to find that article for you.. I know it was somewhere..


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