March 27, 2015


The mush is here (that’s the official name of the series now, thanks mom!)! But I will argue that this one is not so mushy. As it turns out there is more than one way to photograph a ping-pong table! I love going to these squares by myself, taking my time, walking around… It’s definitely one of my most cherished “me-time” moments of the week 🙂 And it’s especially awesome when, like here, I can 1) climb into the park (duh!), and 2) find a new angle —though this part is getting harder.

Totally unrelated, my friend’s short film, Are You Afraid Of The ’90s?, which I’m a producer on, got selected for Indiewire’s Project of the Day! This quarter-life crisis tale is a really great darkly comedic homage to the children we once were and don’t want to disappoint. Today we vote for it to be the Project of the Week so feel free to add your vote :)!

Update: I wouldn’t have thought this fit into the Ephemeral photo challenge, but come to think of it, it so obviously does. It’s the reflection of the light on the water that makes this photo… Ephemeral. And there’s also blur, so I’m submitting to that as well 😉


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