March 22, 2015


I call this: “Man Gazing at ‘Gazing Ball’…”. Bam! And I subtitle it: “… but not for too long, as Man is about to gaze at “Gazing Ball” through his cellphone because apparently it is the only way we can look at/see things now”. Un-gazed-at-gazing-ball found here.

I hope Koons will forgive me for being a smartass and trying to out-meta him, but since he’s a smartass himself (pardon my French), an artist who seems to think (I’m gonna leave him the benefit of the doubt) that we are all suckers, and who is probably still reveling in the joy of making thousands of people look at his dick and call it art (unrelated thought: Anthony Weiner should’ve hired him as his publicist), I’m sure that he will. Plus this is fair use, something he knows a thing or two about… (I love being a legal nerd sometimes).

The cell phone commentary can also be found in another picture I took at this exhibition (Koons retrospective at Beaubourg) but that I exiled to my other blog because I found this one more aesthetically pleasing. Interestingly enough, even though I’m criticizing Koons’ work a little bit here, Gazing Ball is actually one of my less-disliked works from him. I really enjoy that blue and the beautiful contrast its juxtaposition to the pure-white statues offers.


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