March 11, 2015


Yesterday I came across something that kinda sent me into a bit of a tailspin —how ironic then that my dailimage was taken on a scooter! The emotional side of me felt sad, and the more rational side tried to put things into perspective. Then they fought and I spun (welcome to my brain!). But I weathered it. You know this grand idea of happiness/unhappiness as stable states with any kind of permanence? I don’t believe in that. No one is 100% happy or unhappy all the time. Life is just a succession of little moments. Some aren’t great, others are amazing, some are f***ing awful, and others are a normal/small amount of happy. The “normal” ones are probably the most frequent, but I think we too often fail to notice them. And yet, they are actually the ones that matter the most, in my humble opinion. So I try to pay attention to them. Yesterday wasn’t great, but I got to ride on a scooter —which I love to do, the scooter driver is pretty good and he got us safely to the premiere of Dear White People, which was really funny, and so was taking these pics —I felt like a paparazzo, one of the cats I live with gave me cuddles, I watched a fun TV show, worked on my dailimage… it all helped balance the scales… #LittleMoments 🙂


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