March 10, 2015


Tribute to Irreversible. Almost six months in and this Dailimages adventure still surprises me everyday. Here I am, leaving work, it’s 8pm, I’m beat, I have not taken a single picture. I figure I’ll use one of my “backup images” (i.e. something that’s nearby, that I’ve shot ten times already, but that always lost to something else), but it’s not there! OK, I’ll just do a macro of something at home, I thought. And then, I walk by this street (like I do at least twice a day), and think “Oh I’ll shoot it”, but the two people who were behind me decide to take it! Grrr. Except not. I snap a few straight shots, twist the angle before they completely disappear, and bam! I have a dailimage I actually really like. Hair-pulling red tint added in post (there are way too many options!). Ironically enough, I didn’t even really like Irreversible that much.

Also: retroactive submission to the Wall photo challenge! And so much red!


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