February 25, 2015


This piece is entitled “Le diner de l’horreur” 😛 I had lunch at this really glauque diner yesterday with my coworker and I totally blame him for choosing it! Although, you know, not entirely ’cause it gave me 1) a dailimage, and 2) an idea for a movie scene (at this point I feel like that movie’s just gonna be a reboot of Paris, je t’aime because I have all these locations/scenes but I don’t know how to tie them together yet). We sat at the bar, the waitress looked so depressed, and the waiter/cook so out of his element… At least the food wasn’t that terrible. My coworker wondered if that’s what it would be like to be in a diner in a middle of nowhere in the US, anyone has an answer? 😉


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