February 20, 2015


Sometimes I curse this Weekly Series idea… I could’ve done a weekly series on food, or on… I don’t know macro photo of daily objects, whatever, but something that is inside. Because there are days when going out into the cold, at night, after a day at work is just… uuuugghhhh! Anyway! I picked this square close-ish to my place because it boasted a basketball court so it let me mix it up. The surprise when I arrived was that it only had a waist-high fence, so I just left my Vélib outside unlocked, and jumped over! It took me more time than I care to admit to find the entrance to the court, but once I did and noticed the shadows, perfect. I guess sometimes this series is worth it (to me anyways). Plus now I kinda want to use that court in a scene in a movie somehow (maybe a couple goes to play at night during a date and one of them “accidentally” hits the other one with the ball? Haha!). Or do an entire photoshoot there with actual people playing basketball… Anyone up for that? 😉


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