January 20, 2015


Everything must die. And when Christmas is over, xmas trees are thrown out on the street to just… keep dying —because really, they’ve been dying since Christmas. I actually have a few shots of these dying trees, some in their “dead tree plastic bags” but they were always replaced by something else. And then yesterday, on what was, I learnt, “the most depressing day of the year”, aka Blue Monday (read more about it in this Guardian article), I found this little guy, “scared and alone” (this is a very obscure Archer reference…)! Dailimages, like a weird exception, somehow always works itself out it seems.

Daily promotion of my short film for the Nikon Festival, click here to view it, it’s barely over 2 minutes long 🙂 Since a few lines are in French, a version for Anglophones is available here —but go back to the Festival’s website to vote for it if you liked it 😉.

Update: submission to Rule of Thirds photo challenge!


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