December 17, 2014


Day trip! No not really, but I did have to get out of Paris and into the suburbs (Banlieue in French) which I never do really… Anyway, I went there for a meeting and I got a little lost, but that enabled me to find this image. It’s too bad that you can’t really tell what the lights in this window are, there was a pretty cool star, but I favored the wide view over the closeup, and pushed the levels to make the windows pop and the buildings disappear.

This Type of photos (windows in buildings) always makes me think of that one image I saw at Paris Photo at the Grand Palais in 2011, it’s called Saturday Night, and the artist is a Korean woman named Kim In Sook. You can view it here. Back then I contemplated buying it (Paris Photo is not an exhibition it’s a gallery market) for a second, until I found out the price reached at least five digits, if my memory is correct. Sigh.

Disclaimer: I’m in NOOO way putting my image and Kim In Sook’s on the same level, it just gave me an excuse to view hers again and to share it.


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