December 13, 2014


Due to a crazy work day where I was stuck inside from 9 to 8, by the time I was heading home after a drink I had no Dailimage. I couldn’t even photograph the friend I was with, really, because I put her on the blog recently… er… actually it was almost a month ago, wow. Anyway, I thought I’d have to go with the Christmas lights on rue Montorgueil when, literally 20 meters from my house this caught my eye. I normally hate the rain but here it’s what makes this photo.

Update: I really like how Dailimages is so much about THE moment sometimes. This bottle was only there that day, and was cleaned up by the next. And it hadn’t rained in a while, but it rained on that same day. And this combination created this —to me, perfect shot, which couldn’t have happened any other day.

Oh, and I didn’t even realized this fit into the Daily Post’s Twinkle challenge!


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