December 12, 2014


Weekly series!! People may think this series is weird but I don’t care, I love it. Every week I look forward to what new square I’m going to go to, and what new angle I’m going to (have to) come up with. This week I was near Bastille so I thought I could combine a tourist shot with my park shot, but it didn’t really work. Since this was also the first square with a slide that I encountered, it gave me a chance to change it up a bit. I had a few shots that I liked so it was hard to make a decision (there were a couple from the bottom, one with a different focus point…). In post I just worked on levels and sat and, even though I also straightened the photo, I ended up going with the non-straight version because I felt like it gave more of a ‘kids’ perspective’ feel to the image.

Also also! Last week I learned how to create a menu on the blog! Now you can access the entire weekly series by clicking on the aptly named “Weekly Series” link in the top bar (or here).


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